Scribbled Notes from Case #13: Maurice

  • How viral are vampire “fluids?”  What properties of blood, sweat, saliva….healing, bonding?  Effects on influence?
  • What was L’s relationship with Lucas?  Why is she not talking about him much?  Interest in courtesans?
  • What big cities did the twins travel through at what times?  Maybe can show migration path of European strains into No.America.
  • How exactly did M try to turn Annabel?  Methods vary among types/strains, blood sharing being most common.  Perhaps she wasn’t completely drained before she took his blood?
  • How common is it for vampire masters to share with kindred how to turn?
  • L’s ability of intention seems to be more nature of her of her sharp perceptions, not telepathy.  However, vampires tend to not have body language.  Perhaps they do but it is so slight…can that observation be taught to a human?
  • Where did L learn about the birds and the bees?  Or M for that matter?
  • Why was Caroline insistent on moving West?  (Check Memento for any Caroline references.)
  • Caroline’s transformation: what does it suggest about M & L’s strain? 
  • Are hybrid vamps possible?  Blood-Soul, Soul-Sex, Blood-Sex?  Can strains carry multiple types in them?  nature versus nurture?
  • How does one kill a succubus anyways!?
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