The Meat Market

Nick Sakaki had finished the last of the clean-up, set up the laptop as instructed by his new employer, and had the innards of the office sealed as tight as a drum against encroaching light.  It had been a long day and something kept tugging at him.  He knew where his new employer would be; he’d suggested a place that he trusted, knew the bartender there Viktor to be a good reliable person.  He considered the place safe.  But what it needed to protect against, he still didn’t know.  Sophie had promised to clue him in now that his statement of work was signed off.

 He should just wait until morning.  He still had to pick up his last bartending check at Jerry’s but then the Ice Lounge was a quick swing out of the way of his parent’s place in the International District.  It was really no trouble to stop by and check, make sure she made her appointment all right.  I mean, he was her new assistant, right?  He’s just being thorough.

 He bounded down the stairs with such purpose that he failed to see Oksana, the eldest daughter of the Russian deli owner until he was literally bumping into her as she stepped out of the shadows.

 “Hello,” she purred.

 “Shit!”  He took in her appearance in a hot instant:  trashy, skimpy outfit, fuck me boots, black stockings showing underneath her too short skirt.  But it was her face that turned up his caution:  she looked strung out, pupils too big, eyes too dark, mouth messily stained with dark red lipstick, hanging open almost unnaturally.  “Sorry, you startled me.”

 “Well, you’re a pretty one.”  She took in a long inhale as she casually put a long arm around him.  With her boots and her natural height, she was a smidge taller than Nick.  There wasn’t any part of her that didn’t send his tramp-ho Klaxons off.  “Where are you going tonight?  And can I come along?”

 “Uh, sorry.  I gotta head to work.  No rest for the barely employed.”  He gently tried to extricate her arm.  She replaced it with her leg, wrapping it around his waist, leaning him back against the wall. 

 She pouted.  “Don’t you want to party with me?”

 “How can I say this nicely…not really.”  He tried to step away from her, without pushing her away.

 She let him step away but just enough to put both arms around him.  “You sure smell nice.  I can hear you blood throbbing.”  She laughed deep in her throat.

 “Yeah?” He said, willing himself to be cool.  Then he forced all the concern out and began to put on the mask of indifference.  “Probably just ’cause I’m late.”  He shrugged, stopped trying to evade her, let himself go limp with her arms around him.

 The effect was immediate.  “Mmm, you’re no fun.”  She stepped away.

 He shrugged again and slowly began to walk around her, toward his sport bike.  He finally hazarded a glance back as he spoke, “Maybe next time.”

 She was gone.  She hadn’t made a sound.

Later, at Jerry’s, a bustling hotel bar full of the pretty sort of people, Nick leaned over the bar.  ”Hey Tobie, Sal was gonna leave my check.”

 Tobie, equally hip and just old enough to serve, waved him around.  “He left it behind the register, man.  Serve yourself, it’s hopping tonight.”

 Nick came around the bar and glanced over the crowd in the darkened lounge.  It was complete with the model types, the cougars, the traveling businessmen, the waitresses that all looked like they were walking a catwalk.  Every man’s possible type was wandering about, plying and cooing for appletinis and ceviche.  Including tall, leggy, trashy, Russian fake blondes.

 He saw her across the room as if the crowd parted just for them to meet eyes.  Hers were darker than before, pools of obsidian peering at him as if expecting him to be jealous as she brushed barely covered breasts against the arm of some 40-something suit with a bulging wallet as he ordered yet another round of overpriced appetizers.

 Something told Nick that pork dumplings weren’t on her mind for curbing her appetite.  She kept her eyes locked on Nick’s and he couldn’t look away as she nuzzled the suit’s ear, then ran the tip of her tongue along the rim of his earlobe, showing teeth that seemed too sharp and large to fit in her mouth.  Nick blinked and turned his back on her, grabbing his check and stuffing it into his pocket, struggling a bit with the fit of his jeans.  He rushed out from around the bar and dared to look back in her direction.  She blew him a kiss and smiled, lips pulling back.

 He hadn’t imagined it.  He felt the cold dread creep through him.  The pieces illogically fit together and he hurried out of the bar.  Ice Lounge was ten minutes from his parent’s place.  If he pushed it, he could be there in fifteen.  Somehow, he just knew Sophie needed a hand.  Though he couldn’t figure out what he thought he’d seen or why he thought he’d be able to do a damn thing if he was even right.

 He sped off anyways, kicking it into a new gear and risking a serious ticket, if only to shake of the willies the blonde had given him.


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Sophie’s List:lemons

1 Lemon
1 Orange
Large Orange juice
Lucid Dreaming by Stephen La Berge
First Aid kit (fang plugs, gauze, styptic powder)

Remember: No perfume, use all fragrance free products tonight

Morena’s List:hkpolish

ASP tactical baton, jacket pocket or holster?
HK USP 40 Pistol, holstered
Benchmade knife, pocket?
Manicure, Loreal, Fleeting
Samsara, Notes: Jasmine, Sandalwood, Rose, Narcissus, Vanilla.

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Search: vampire age

Results: […] } vampire age but a vampire’s abilities are more a product of his maker rather than age.  However, age does speak to the maturity of the vampire, the refinement in use of his abilities, and control over the impulses to feed.  Vampires begin to mature once they are made but at a much slower rate than humans.  Vampires newly made up to approximately one hundred years old are considered youths, adolescence being between 80 and 100 years old.  Adult vampires are classified between one hundred and one thousand years old.  Vampires that have survived to be around 800 yrs old are considered elders until they reach the next phase of maturity.  Vampires older than one thousand years old are referred to as ancient and are extremely rare. 

While a vampire’s body ages so slowly as to be preserved, his mind is subject to the ravages of time.  Few vampires survive long enough to be considered ancient and often become dangerous and unpredictable as their minds struggle to control the derth of memories that no longer have clear connection to their current reality.[…]

Search: ancient vampires

Results:  […] {The mind of the vampire is subject to all the extraordinary senses the vampire possesses.  Because of this increased awareness and capacities of their minds, vampires often quickly become savants, masters of any talent they lend their time to.  But as they age, the minute details of hundreds of years of memories begin to erode their sense of currency, in some cases causing the vampires to become withdrawn into a mental world hard to penetrate.  Comatose ancients often perish from starvation. 

In other cases, the vampires act out their frustration of not being able to tell the current time from the myriad of lives they have lived in the past.  As vampires best mechanism of folding through centuries is to steal identities, as ancients, the identities become confused and hard to separate, resulting in schizophrenia and sometimes psychosis.  These vampires usually begin to threaten the societies in which they have hidden, forcing humans or other supernatural creatures to attack and kill them.

In the few documented cases of this, werewolves have often surfaced as leading excursions to eradicate the errant vampire, further perpetuating the hostilities between these two..[…]

Search: vampire sun

Results: […] { not all vampires are immediately endangered by the sun.  Of the types of vampires, blood vampires all have a high sensitivity to solar light in common, regardless of their area of origin.  Most blood vampires will burst into flames with any exposure, ultimately turning to ash from prolonged exposure.  How much sun scorching can be repaired by the vampire depends on the horror strain to which they belong. […]

Search: horror

Results: […] { A horror is a familial group of vampires, usually made up of a maker and his direct progeny, sometimes including extended progeny.  The term is also used to describe a familial line of vampires.  As vampire powers are strictly determined from a maker’s abilities, identifying the familial line or horror strain can determine what abilities the vampire has.  While it has been noted that a vampire’s abilities can grow in strength from consuming large quantities, usually a heart cycle, of a fellow vampire’s blood, it has not been observed that powers transfer from vampire to vampire.[…]

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Time behind the Iron Curtain

It is observed several moments after the Russian teenager leads the young Asian man and the dark curly haired woman out of the deli that the old lady’s other granddaughter comes in, wearing the same gold lame halter top and black sequined miniskirt from the night before.  She is carrying her four inch gold heels and her black hose has gone missing somewhere.  Her face is stained with day old mascara and fire engine red lipstick. 

But she seems blissfully happy and carefree.  It even takes her several minutes of her grandmother’s rapid tirade to goad her into a rebuttal, her accent thicker than her younger sister’s.

“You stupid stubborn old hag!  We are in America now.  And I’m 18.  I can do whatever I want.”

She strides past her angry grandmother to the back room, ignoring the bit about living under her roof, on and on.  Usually that is enough for her grandmother to get it out of her system.  But she pursues.  But before her grandmother can reload, she brushes her long dirty blond locks aside and gently caresses the two puncture wounds at side of her neck.

“Oksana!  You have been with him.”

The defiant girl looks up as her grandmother stares in fear and starts to make the sign of the cross.  She continues to make the sign, backing out of the room, shaking her head.

“Superstitious old bag.”  She looks at herself in the mirror, inspecting the wounds with red lacquered nails bitten to the quick.  They are angry red, probably from a second helping.  Maybe a third.  She can’t quite remember.  Maybe the vodka.  At least, she thinks she had had a drink.

But what does it matter?  She’s met her Prince Charming.  And he drives a big shiny expensive car.

She snickers.  “What a good night.”  She starts to hum a tune as she sways in front of the mirror, admiring her neck.  Soon it turns to laughter, even as she begins to scratch at her arms, suddenly itchy all over.

Vampire Factbook: Glossary excerpt

Jugular Response:  Like the patellar reflex in humans.  Vampires are particularly vulnerable at the neck and usually respond in either avoidance or aggression with attempts to touch them there.  A rough scale of 0 – 5 may indicate overall inherent aggression, with 0 being no reaction at all and 5 being a kill response.   Test still in research stages due to seriousness of level 5 response.


Perfects:  Three potential types that throughout the vampire’s lifetime are perfectly fitted and karmically bound to fulfill a certain role.

  • Prey – A human that the vampire will risk anything, including death, to kill.  This could be to settle an old score from their human hyenalifetime.  This is unusally characterized by the vampires complete refusal to feed from that human, even if injured, much like lions choosing to kill but not eat hyenas.
  • Predator – A human who will stop at nothing to destroy the vampire, so much so that the vampire may actually fear them on a subsequent reintroduction.  Humans that are successful at vanquishing the vampire oftentimes become professional vampire hunters.  (See Emmerick)
  • Partner – A human that develops a permanent attachment to the vampire.  Oftentimes romantic but not necessarily so.  This bond does not last if the human is turned into a vampire.


UVA:  Unidentified Vampire Activity, this is the score of an area’s exposure to unexplained phenomanon caused by vampire activity.  A high score inticates either an area rife with vampires or an area frequented by a young, inexperienced, crazed, or insane vampire.  Current formula measures number of suspected activities per year with 0-4 being benign, 5-10 being of interest, 10 – 25 being suspect, and 25+ being overload.

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Excerpt from “Local Live” filming on location, EO bar

timestamp 07/15/09 22:32:09

Tall man, black jacket, talking to middel-aged woman at end of the bar.  She slips him a card, leaves.
Bartendar approaches end of bar, gets waved away, keeps eye on Black Jacket.

Black Jacket, turns suddenly to leave, bumps into young, tight-fitted, leggy blonde.  She angrily spats at him.  He continues to block her path.  She says something else, still angry.  He leans over her.  She visible quakes, fear first then seems to relax as he speaks.  She slowly raises her head to look up at him directly.  He speaks again, taking her arm.  Her face shows rapt interest and she nods.

He looks up past her.  Three other similarly clad young women are just coming in.

He says something else to her.  She turns ans waves her friends over, excited.  At first, they approach cautiously but within a few moments, he has his arms around the group of women who are embracing him back.  They leave frame, heading towards hotel elevators.


Seattle Getabout: Weekly Jive

Hot Spot for Week of  July 13th – 19th

Weds July 15th

6PM – midnight
EO Bar – Wayne Hotel
DJ Mixings of Lady Shady

The Mystic
Happy Hour
All Draft Beers $3, PBR $1 special
Musical Performance by the Dandy Cakes


Meet your past at The Mystic
Thursday, Aug 5th 9 – 11 PM
Psychic Jezebelia will be performing tarot and palm readings.  $40 for 20 min session.
Book now to ensure your past!

Sharpfish Culinary Institute – Request information


      Help us help you find the right course for your palette.

      *First Name


      *Last Name





        *Country of

        mailing address



      905 13th Ave

      Address 2






      *ZIP/Postal Code


      *When did you graduate from high school?




      Any comments/questions?

      Financial aid, evening classes



DJB: Memoirs, Volume 3

I found the Frost poem I wanted. 

Fire and Ice
Some say the world will end in fire,
Some say in ice.
From what I’ve tasted of desire
I hold with those who favor fire.
But if it had to perish twice,
I think I know enough of hate
To say that for destruction ice
Is also great
And would suffice.

I’ve had the dream again.  It is unsetlling after so many dreamless nights to suddenly have images so startingly and real awakening me.  It’s the sun, peeking through a bank of clouds, setting far away.  I haven’t seen a sunset in a long time.  It beckons me but it is safely far away.  I twitch, my eyes glow. 

The Sun, it’s suddenly upon me, huge, foreboding, hanging as if ready to tumble on top of me, yellow turning orange and then deeper orange, almost red.  Burning, i can feel the heat and the light as if it’s leaking out from inside me. And then i’m there, with it, inside it, and it consumes me and I do the only thing I can think of.  I scream.

Wake up, my throat hoarse, sweating..sweating.

Vampires do not sweat.