When you have a bad feeling about it…

“Hey pal, let me see some ID.”

Nick Sakaki stopped at the door of The Mystic tavern and turned to the bouncer.  It was noon straight up and there were about four people in the whole establishment.

“You serious?” he stole a look at the bar to see the woman he was seeking out deliberately cleaning glasses in that way that suggested she was waiting to see what happened.  Indeed, what did Nick think to do with 300 lbs of washed up ex-Husky football player barking at him.  He patted his jacket pockets and then held up his empty hands.  “Damn, think I left it on the banana boat I just got off.”

Husky, obviously playing for the Islanders, chuckled and waved him on.  Nick rolled his eyes.  This job of his was certainly taking him to unfriendly climes of all types.  He faced the bar and the ever-so-tall and raven-haired Latina still obviously ignoring his entrance.  He let out a breath slow as he approached the bar.  Sophie had mentioned her looks but, well, the Hawt factor of 10 was frankly absent in Sophie’s remarks.  Although, she had said, “Morena will be hard to miss.”  He pulled up a seat at the bar as casually and cooly as he could.  Then he waited.

After a few minutes of her continuing to clean glasses, he decided to speak.  Before the words got out, she answered him.

“Let me guess, you’re the errand boy.”

He smirked, not letting her see the feathers she’d ruffled.  Being called a “boy” of any kind by a beautiful woman was a terrible start.  Maybe silence would be golden.  But her continued disregard rankled and unnerved him.  And he wasn’t one to keep his tongue when unnerved.  “Can I get a beer?”  He waited while she got him something out of the tap at a leisurely pace.  Which worked out nicely as he enjoyed watching her saunter towards him and set the mug in front of him.   “And I prefer the term Executive Assistant, thank you very much.”  He grabbed the beer and took a long draught, almost choking on it.

“What the hell is that?” he asked.

“PBR.  I hear it’s what all the hipsters are drinking nowadays.”

Nick nearly gagged, drinking down half of it quickly.  “After I finish this, let me buy you a real drink.  I only drink this shit at Mama’s Kitchen accompanied by a 5-alarm burrito.”

Morena smiled.  And he knew he was done for when she tossed her hair back while straightening to full height, putting her hands on her hips.  “I suppose she sent you here to talk me out of leaving him.”

“Huh?”  It took Nick a minute to figure it out what she meant.  She definitely looked like she could handle herself.  He got caught admiring her toned arms and she crossed them instead.  “Oh, no, I’m supposed to talk you into a class.”

“I’m a little old to be going back to school.”  And there it was.  He finally made direct eye contact and she immediately looked away, started moving back down the bar.  He was dismissed, without another thought.  Normally, if that happened in a bar while he was out, he’d let it be.  The Seattle girls were, um, tricky, at best.  But this wasn’t one of the bevy of Belltown bars and he wasn’t looking to score a number.  But as he was about to speak again, he saw her straighten, suddenly on alert, her hand sliding under the bar.

He turned a head to see two rather unpleasant looking thugs pushing Husky the doorman through the door, doubled over.   Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Morena’s hand patting under the bar, searching for something that obviously wasn’t there.  “Fucking Frank,” she swore under her breath.

The two men pushed Husky to the floor and kicked him for good riddance, one of them pointing a pistol at the bar’s security.  The front thug, dressed rather;y shabbily, addressed Morena.  “Now, Miss Fountenay, maybe you’d like to talk again about selling.”

In the midst of vampires, monsters, and other things that go bump in the night, Nick had forgotten that sometimes, daytime was no less nice.  He got a firm grip on his beer mug and waited to see what she’d do next.  He really should stick to culinary school.

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