Vampire Factbook: Excerpts

Protective Transformations

Vampires of differing types have developed latent ways of protecting themselves from threats, especially during their resting periods, by changing their form or being. Most of these methods are strictly legend or myth and have never been verified.

Rigor Dormitus – Akin in humans to the stiffen of the body after death (Rigor Mortis), the vampire’s body stiffens upon dormancy to the hardness and weight of wood or stone. Depending on the age/maturity of the vampire, the quality of the rigor becomes more significant. Younger vamps with this ability will harden to oak or mahogany while older vamps will harden to granite or even marble. The additional weight and stiffening makes vamps harder to move or attack, in some cases their bodies are indestructible in Dormitus form, protected even from sunlight.

Smoke or Mist – Seldom witnessed, this is likely due to the clouding effect rather than an actual physical transformation.

Invisibility – Not previously documented, some indirect evidence has suggested that a vampire may be able to mask their existence, even from other vampires, as to become “invisible.” It is not clear whether this is true invisibility or another example of influencing which allows the vampire to cloak their scent, appearance, and sounds from the target, whether it can be learned, and whether or not it must be targeted or can be environmentally applied.

Birds, Bats, or Flocks – While there have been no observed cases of vampires turning into an individual bat or bird, it was just recently observed of a vampire seeming to disappear into a flock of bats or crows. This may also be an illusion of clouding, prevalent with the Carpathian strain.

Wolves, Dogs, or other quadrupeds – Vampires do not transform into quadrupedal mammals. These creatures are more likely either shape shifters using the vampire form or mistaken werewolves.

While there is certain new evidence suggesting that vampires may have some slight abilities to alter their physical appearance (verification needed – see Lyles photo), it is generally believed that most reports of transformation are strictly the influence of the vampire on the human’s perception. This can also be inclusive of some projecting abilities, where it seems like the vampire thought of or engaged in conversation is closer than possible, perhaps even standing in the same room, within reach when it is clearly not physically possible. Potential causes for this include overactive imagination, aural influence, or the clarity of modern VoIP technology.

Bogus Abilities

Like many of the undocumented Protective Transformations, legend and myth have ascribed a multitude of abilities to vampires over the centuries. The following list has been, so far, clearly discredited:

  • Flight
  • Telepathy
  • Shimmering or sparkling appearance
  • Immortality

The latter is tantamount to the vampire legend and clearly the most egregious falsehood. There are various ways in which vampires can be killed.

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