The Crimson Kukri Sunday ad: DnD Edition upgrade sale!

Come on into The Crimson Kukri for our annual DnD edition sale!  All 3.5 edition books half off and must go to make room for the even more expensive 4.0 edition books!  Mmmm, you know you love the smell of a freshly minted Player’s Manual in the morning.

The world’s only 24-hr gaming store, The Crimson Kukri should be your go-to waypoint for those last minute, mid-battle needs.  In the midst of the Mind Flayer’s lair without a D12 for your trusty ogre slaying knife?  Looking for the next meta-gaming deathbagprestige class to throw off your DM?  The Crimson Kukri stocks all your necessary components for a marathon of mayhem including gem die, miniatures and painting supplies, maps, and even the resurrected Tact-tiles!  Don’t forget our full range of overhead projector and erase board markers in every color under the Faerun sun.  We even offer special gaming bags packed with all your essentials.

Or just have the munchies?  The Crimson Kukri stocks all the best in gaming rations including Red Bull, Cheetos, and Code Red Mountain Dew…It’s in the FRIDGE!  In the middle of a fierce battle with no rounds to jump in the car?  The Crimson Kukri partners with Timewarp Pizza for all night in-home delivery, just use your credit card (please, only with a parent’s permission).  

Crimson Kukri stocks all D20 game publishers, as well as education games, traditional card and board games, chess sets, and travel game sets.  We are also the exclusive vendor of Vee World t-shirts, the popular vampire wear with classics like “Give Blood, Feed a Vampire, ” “Vampires Suck at It,” and “Vampire:  Dead and I’m lovin’ it!”  Come in on Weird Wednesdays and get 2 free passes to DayGlo, our sister shop, the world’s only 24 hr tanning salon.  Totally vampire friendly!

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