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From:  skovajsa (
Date:    Tue, 28 Jul 2009

Dinner.  Thursday.  Met Grill, Downtown.  10PM.

We can talk then.



From:  bruno bonne(
Date:   Sat, 25 Jul 2009

 Is this thing on?  Look, like I said couldn’t find anything specific except that the book’s enchantment is meant to manage memory.  (guess that’s why it’s called The Memento, eh?)

Been thinking about that.  Maybe when you cross paths with someone you’ve met before it stirs.  Or maybe it’s someone recorded in the book?  Have you done that yet in this lifetime?

The guardian text specifically mentions that contacts need to be “faithfully scribed.”  I guess that means you should get writing.

let me know what’s going on with Skovajsa.  Kinda hoping nothing…nothing at all.



From:  DWilson (
Date:    Weds, 8 Jul 2009


Thanks for the present, Jasmine loved the dress.  She looks like a little princess in it.  Can’t get her to take it off; she’s already gotten toothpaste on the ruffles.

She’d sure love to hear from you, even though she doesn’t ask.  Would be nice to hear from you once and awhile.

Sorry, she just misses you.  A lot.  

give us a call when you can.


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  1. […] } I’m new at this writing thing.  At least in the Memento.  But a Skype to Bruno did two things: settled his worries, at least, for the moment and gave me a methodology that the […]

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