Vampire Factbook: Glossary excerpt

Jugular Response:  Like the patellar reflex in humans.  Vampires are particularly vulnerable at the neck and usually respond in either avoidance or aggression with attempts to touch them there.  A rough scale of 0 – 5 may indicate overall inherent aggression, with 0 being no reaction at all and 5 being a kill response.   Test still in research stages due to seriousness of level 5 response.


Perfects:  Three potential types that throughout the vampire’s lifetime are perfectly fitted and karmically bound to fulfill a certain role.

  • Prey – A human that the vampire will risk anything, including death, to kill.  This could be to settle an old score from their human hyenalifetime.  This is unusally characterized by the vampires complete refusal to feed from that human, even if injured, much like lions choosing to kill but not eat hyenas.
  • Predator – A human who will stop at nothing to destroy the vampire, so much so that the vampire may actually fear them on a subsequent reintroduction.  Humans that are successful at vanquishing the vampire oftentimes become professional vampire hunters.  (See Emmerick)
  • Partner – A human that develops a permanent attachment to the vampire.  Oftentimes romantic but not necessarily so.  This bond does not last if the human is turned into a vampire.


UVA:  Unidentified Vampire Activity, this is the score of an area’s exposure to unexplained phenomanon caused by vampire activity.  A high score inticates either an area rife with vampires or an area frequented by a young, inexperienced, crazed, or insane vampire.  Current formula measures number of suspected activities per year with 0-4 being benign, 5-10 being of interest, 10 – 25 being suspect, and 25+ being overload.

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